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Alice Elahi by Albert Werth

This article from Our Art 4, published by the Foundation for Education, Science and Technology in 1993, is written by the late Dr ALBERT WERTH, then the director of the Pretoria Art Museum. Our Art 4 "written by authorities on art, covers the work and achievements of 25 distinguished South African artists illustrated in full colour reproductions of their best work."

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Capturing the landscapes of Namibia

This article, by Nushin Elahi, was published in the Independent newspapers and online at iol.travel.co.za on October 25 2003.

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Alice Elahi in her prime

This article from Lantern - Journal for Knowledge and Culture Volume XXVI No 3 March - May 1977 is written by JOHAN VAN ROOYEN. It offers an insight into Alice's background and early career.

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Capturing Wild Winds in the Cape Docks - Sean O’Toole

First published in 2012 by Modern art projects(Map) - South Africa on the occasion of the exhibition Alice Elahi at Map - Pretoria

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An uncompromising passion - Harrie Siertsema

This speech was given at the opening of the exhibition Alice Elahi: Landscape Through an Artist's Eyes - A Retrospective at the Pretoria Art Museum on 7 February 2015.

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An artist in the family - Nushin Elahi

A personal perespective of Alice Elahi by her daughter, Nushin.

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