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Oils on canvas

In Alice's early career her watercolours were largely colour notes for oil paintings on canvas.  Early oils often bear little resemblance to the original watercolour. As she became more skilled in watercolours they also became more complex. Her challenge in oils now is to reinterpret the mood of the original watercolour which she painted in situ.

Here are some oils from different periods in her career.

Bird Tower at Mowe Bay

Bird Tower at Mowe Bay, Skeleton Coast - Oil on canvas 1993

Lilo's dune

Lilo's Dune, Namibia - Oil on canvas

Girl in the Pool

Girl in the Pool - Oil on canvas undated (70s)

Reflections - harbour at night

Reflections - Harbour at night  - Oil on canvas 1980

Studio Table at Night

Studio Table at Night - Oil on canvas 1953