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Welcome to Alice Elahi's website.

Oils on canvas
Find out more about this South African landscape artist.

Landscapes, in particular from Namibia.

Seascape paintings.

Flower paintings.

Details of this year's October exhibition.

Press articles
Clippings from press articles over the years.

Oil paintings
Oils on canvas.

Our Art 4 - article on Alice Elahi
Written by Dr ALBERT WERTH, in 1993, this article appeared in Our Art 4.

Contact us
Contact details for Alice Elahi.

A list of Alice's exhibitions
A comprehensive list of exhibitions.

Photo Gallery
Photos of the artist's recent work.

Lantern article: Alice Elahi in her prime
Written by JOHAN VAN ROOYEN, this article from Lantern, dated March-May 1977 covers Alice's early career and background.

Further info
Detailed photos of the Our Art article.